Crop Applications & Tools

Forage Seed Mixture Calculator (On-line Version) Grassland species are normally seeded in mixtures rather than monocultures. This calculator will calculate a mix and estimate a seed density for drills or broadcast seedings for any grouping of forage species in the calculator list
Cereal Seeding Calculator This calculator determines how much seed is needed to plant a cereal crop with the desired plant density and includes seed drill calibration information.
Peas, Pulses and other large seeds Calculator This calculator determines how much seed is needed to plant a crop with the desired plant density and includes seed drill calibration information.
Soil Information Viewer This tool is intended to be a resource tool to assist land managers and producers in making general land management decisions.

Alberta weather and climate data The AgroClimatic Information Service (ACIS) provides access to Meteorological data, and maps derived from more than 330 stations.
Alberta Farm Input Prices Monthly survey of prices of farm inputs including presentation of survey results in graphical and tabular formats over a five year period.
Grains, Forage and Straw Nutrient Use Calculator This calculator will help you to understand how much nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, and calcium your crop will use for a given yield.
Irrigation Water Allocation Calculator This calculator estimates how long it will take to use up an allocation of water.
Rural Water Quality Information Tool This on-line tool assesses the quality and suitability of raw water sources for livestock, irrigation or mix water for chemical spraying.

Crop Returns Calculator This calculator helps managers to evaluate crop enterprise profitability by calculating production costs, breakeven selling prices, gross margins, and returns to equity.
CropChoice$ Computer Software This software helps crop producers predict revenues and margins for their crop enterprise, as well as the chance of achieving those levels.

Grain Shrinkage Calculator Calculates the loss of volume and weight which occurs whenever wet grain is dried.
Test Weight Converter Converting back and forth between kg/hL and lb/bushel
Dollars/Bushel : Dollars/Tonne Converter Converting between Dollars/Bushel and Dollars/Tonne for various grains
Bushel/Tonne Converter Converting between Bushel / Tonne for various grains

AFFIRM V2.0 Software This software helps crop producers make fertilizer nutrient decisions based on soil test results, crops to be grown, soil moisture conditions, agro-climatic regions and economic factors of crop prices and fertilizer nutrient costs.
MMP V0.310 Software This software helps producers make manure nutrient decisions based on livestock operation, storage capacity, application equipment, landbase, soil test results and crop selection
Manure Transportation Calculator The Transportation Calculator can be used to determine the net impact of using (transporting and applying) manure or chemical fertilizer as a nutrient source in selected fields under different rotational systems.
Ammonia Emissions Estimator The calculator is a simple tool for the producers to use to perform a quick ammonia losses calculation. Accurate ammonia loss estimates from manure are needed to improve nutrient management recommendations and test the value of ammonia abatement techniques
Ammonia Losses from Liquid Manure Applications Calculator The purpose of this calculator is to estimate ammonia emissions due to liquid manure application to farm land. It also estimates the economic value of the ammonia volatilization loss based on fertilizer nitrogen cost.
Manure Composting Calculator This calculator determines the amount of carbon source material and water needed to create a good compost mix. The calculator is primarily intended for manure composting, however it can be used for other materials as well.