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Ammonia losses from livestock facilities and manure storage pose environmental and agronomic problems. Ammonia volatilization varies greatly depending on the environmental conditions and manure management. This calculator attempts to revise a tool that has been developed by University of Nebraska to calculate ammonia emissions from livestock operations. This calculator provides an approximation of ammonia emission based upon currently available information from USDA NRCS Agricultural Waste Management Field Handbook and LPES Lesson 21: Manure Storage Structures. The calculator is a simple tool for the producers to use to perform a quick ammonia losses calculation. Accurate ammonia loss estimates from manure are needed to improve nutrient management recommendations and test the value of ammonia abatement techniques

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Gratitude and appreciation are extended to Rick Koelsch and Rick Stowell of the University of Nebraska for granting permission to use their fact sheet Ammonia Emissions Estimator as the basis for this calculator.

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