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Ammonia volatilization during manure application represents a significant source of air pollution as well as the loss of potential nitrogen for crop production. Estimates of whole-farm ammonia emissions suggest that as much as 35% of the total ammonia emissions may occur during land application of manure depending on manure characteristics and environmental conditions.

Estimation of ammonia loss from manure is beneficial to improve nutrient management recommendations and to assess the value of ammonia conservation techniques. The purpose of this calculator is to estimate ammonia emissions due to liquid manure application to farm land. It also estimates the economic value of the ammonia volatilization loss based on fertilizer nitrogen cost.

By entering the manure characteristics, soil condition, land size, weather, and application techniques, user will get the results of estimated ammonia losses and dollar value. By modifying these inputs, the user can directly observe the effects of individual factors such as application method, weather conditions on the estimated ammonia loss. This calculator can assist users to assess environmental conditions and methods of liquid manure land application.

The option of metric and imperial units is available for land area and manure application volume

The calculator allows users to print the estimate results.

Users should seek the advice of appropriate professionals and experts if they have any concerns regarding the inputs and outputs of this calculator.

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