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Ag Engineering

Corner Arm Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems Reduce Energy Consumption (Apr 8)
Corner Arm Centre Pivot Irrigation Systems Reduce Energy Consumption (Apr 3)
Farm Dugouts Workshops (Mar 11)
On-Farm Energy Management Program (Feb 26)
Farm Dugouts Workshops (Feb 18)
How To Get Your Water Tested (Jan 28)
New Farm Implement Inspector (Nov 4)

Business & Economics

Changes in AgriInsurance - Norm Gueutal highlights some changes to crop insurance and April 30 deadlines (Call of the Land, Apr 23)
Put Option and Other Pricing Alternatives for Canola - Neil Blue discusses put options and how they compare to the Spring Price Endorsement (Call of the Land, Apr 23)
Application Deadline Approaching for 2015 Nuffield Global Agricultural Scholarships - There are only a short while left to apply for the 2015 Canadian Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust (Agri-News, Apr 22)
Application Deadline for Nuffield International Scholarship - Details on the scholarship and how to apply (Call of the Land, Apr 22)
April AFSC Deadlines - April is a busy month with multiple deadlines for producers to keep in mind. (Agri-News, Apr 22)
Marketing Faba Beans - Sean Border discusses the market for faba beans (Call of the Land, Apr 22)
New Crop Canola Price Alternatives - Farmers with their own futures account may consider buying a put option to lock in a minimum futures price (Agri-News, Apr 22)
Record Cattle Prices Spark Increased Demand for Livestock Price Insurance Program - Information for producers about AFSC insurance options and deadlines (Agri-News, Apr 22)


Cereal Staging Guide (Apr 3)
Cereal Staging Guide (Apr 1)
Alberta Farm Fresh School 2014 - List of Topics and Speakers with Presentations (Mar 31)
Disease of the Month - Nematodes (Mar 31)
Hort Morsels - Bits and Pieces - April 2014 (Mar 31)
Hort Snacks - April 2014 (Mar 31)
Insect of the Month - Onion Maggot (Mar 31)
Knowing Your Customer (Mar 31)

Diseases/Insects/ Pests

Impact of Root Rots on Peas - Syama Chatterton discusses how peas are affected by root rots (Call of the Land, Apr 23)
Ergot Prevention in Cereal Crops - When it comes to controlling ergot, the best control is prevention. (Agri-News, Apr 22)
Scouting for Cutworms (Apr 15)
Anaplasmosis Status Change (Apr 14)
Changes to the Federal Anaplasmosis Program (Apr 14)
Blue Book Now Available as Free Download (Apr 11)
Wireworm Control (Apr 8)
Blue Book Now Available as Free Download (Apr 3)

Food & Ag Processing

Export Events: United States (Apr 17)
Food News, April 2014 (Apr 14)
Delivering Healthy Eating Messages (Mar 20)
Food News, March 2014 (Mar 19)
Communicating with Alberta's Abattoirs (Mar 18)
Comparing Food Safety and Food Quality (Mar 18)
How Can Livestock Welfare Affect Meat Quality? (Mar 18)
What is 'Food Safety Culture'? (Mar 18)

Food Safety

New Food Safety Website (Apr 9)
New Food Safety and Animal Welfare Website (Mar 25)
Meet Dr. Jeff Stewart: The New Executive Director of the Food Safety & Animal Welfare Division (Mar 18)
Building a Culture of Food Safety (Oct 28)

Learning & 4H

Classroom Agriculture Program Calls For Volunteers (Apr 14)
Envirothon for Young Albertans and Teachers (Mar 25)
Classroom Garden Program Grows Roots in Calgary (Mar 5)
Alberta Students Learn About the Agricultural Industry (Feb 26)
Capitalizing on Learning Opportunities (Dec 17)
4-H Alberta Regional Summer Assistant (Nov 13)
Albertan Inducted into 4-H Hall of Fame (Nov 4)


Improving Feed Efficiency in Seedstock through Genomics - The Beef Cattle Research Council is hosting a webinar on improving feed efficiency in seedstock through genomics on May 1, 2014 (Agri-News, Apr 22)
Canola Meal in Grow Finish Pig Diets (Apr 17)
Projects that Received Funding from the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Programs (Apr 17)
Animal Care Assessment Program for Dairy Cattle (Apr 16)
Canola Meal in Grow Finish Pig Diets (Apr 16)
Nutrient Loading Calculator for Wintering Feeding Systems (Apr 14)
Alberta Stables Initiative (Apr 4)
Wintering Site Assessment and Design Tool (Apr 3)

Ministry Information

Alberta Century Farm & Ranch Award Recipients Now Online (Dec 23)

Rural Services

Alberta FarmSafe Plan Pilot in Full Swing - Alberta farmers will soon have access to a tool that will help reduce the risk of injury in their everyday farm operations (Agri-News, Apr 22)
University of Alberta Faculty Names New Dean - Stanford Blade has been named as the new dean of the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences, (Agri-News, Apr 22)
Agriculture and Food Council Offers New Services (Apr 14)
Classroom Agriculture Program Calls For Volunteers (Apr 14)
The Young Farm Worker Safety Training Day (Apr 11)
Agriculture and Food Council's New Services (Apr 10)
Advancing Women - Life Skills for Leadership Conference for Women in Agriculture (Apr 3)
Canadian Foodgrains Bank Fundraising Auction (Apr 3)


Honour for Retired Alberta Agriculture Research Scientist (Mar 28)
Selecting a Licensed Water Well Driller (Mar 27)
AIA Distinguished Agrologist Award Presented to Dr. Ross McKenzie (Mar 25)
Working with Alberta?s Wetlands (Mar 25)
Soil Fertility and Manure Management Seminars (Jan 8)
Alberta Agriculture Adds Two New Factsheets (Nov 26)
2014 Irrigated Crop Production Update Conference (Nov 13)


Alberta Agriculture to Participate in South Korean Trade Mission (Apr 9)
Alberta Agriculture to Participate in Federal Trade Mission to South Korea (Apr 3)
Alberta Fights for the Livestock Industry in Washington (Nov 13)

Weather & Climate

Moisture Situation Update as of March 16 (Mar 18)
Alberta Moisture Situation as of November 24 (Nov 26)