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Disease of the Month - Heat / Drought related Deformities - Overview of the symptoms and management strategies for a range of heat or drought related deformities and disorders which affect various crops (Hort Snacks, Jul 31)
Insect of the Month - Raspberry Sawfly - Overview of the symptoms, life cycle and management strategies for Raspberry Sawfly, which can damage all caneberry crops (Hort Snacks, Jul 31)
Pesticide Groups - What are they and what do they mean? - Outline of insecticide, herbicide and fungicide groups, with discussion of how the various modes of action work on target pests (Hort Snacks, Jul 31)
Weekly Insect Update - Scott Meers discusses the current pest situation in the province (Call of the Land, Jul 31)
Stripe Rust Situation (Jul 29)
Alberta Mountain Pine Beetle ReLeaf Program (Jul 28)
Pre-harvest Disease Scouting (Jul 28)
Stripe Rust Update - July 24 (Jul 28)
Suspected Causes of Honey Bee Winterkill (Jul 25)
More Details on the Honey Bee Winterkill Survey (Jul 24)
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